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Frequently asked questions regarding requests.
Please read the following before contacting us.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

よくあるご質問: よくあるご質問

[About production]

  Please tell us about your work flow.
  Work from rough to finishing will be done in Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator.
At the rough stage, we communicate with the client several times, and once they give us the OK sign, we move from the rough to the final version and then deliver the product.

Q   How much time does it take for one illustration?
A    A6, A5, and A4 sizes are usually completed in 2 to 3 days and then submitted for delivery within 1 to 2 weeks.
(It depends on the size, composition, subject of the illustration, and the schedule at the time)

Q    Is it possible to request a free drawing?
A   Yes, of course it is possible. In that case, we will proceed after confirming the rough draft.

Please note that there will be an additional charge for re-drawing the rough sketch in a completely different form after you have placed an order to freely draw it.
In the case of redrawing with a completely different image, we ask for 100% of the production fee, and in the case of major changes, we ask for 50% or more.
Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Also, the budget involved is different depending on the feel of this illustration and the request, so there may be differences in quality depending on the budget.

QIs it possible to design an original character?

A Yes. It is possible. We will propose a character design after hearing the details of the target and motif.

In addition, we can handle everything from designing to modeling characters that are intended to be animated with FaceRig, such as Vtubers. I would appreciate it if you could consult with me first.

QIs it possible to produce with a specified taste?

A Yes. It is possible. If possible, if you can provide us with reference images, we will be able to deliver something that is closer to your wishes.

QRegarding copyright character (IP) projects, is it possible to request only line drawings or only coloring?

A Yes. It is possible. I think I can help you especially with watercolor touches, so I look forward to hearing from you.

QIs it possible to request a project where it is not possible to publish the results (credit notation)?

A Yes. It is possible.​In that caseWe will accept your request after asking you about your budget in advance. When it comes to projects where results are to be made public, please rest assured that we will share the details with you in advance and publish them in a manner that is consistent with the project's intentions. (Limited to work with copyrighted characters (IP))

   Is it possible to order graphic design included?
A   I'm sorry. "Atelier Mau Mau Cat" is a private business specializing in illustration production. If your request includes a design, we will, in principle, assign a separate design company (designer) to handle your request. Of course, if you have already decided on a designated design company (designer), we can accept your request as a joint production.

[About costs and estimates]

Q   First of all, I would like to consult with you. When will the charges start?
A    After the meeting, we will ask you to confirm the estimate and we will start working on the rough estimate.

After startingIf you cancel your order, you will be required to pay 50% of the rough/contract amount and 80% of the final/contract amount.

​Please note that the full amount will be charged for cancellations after the fair copy has been made.

Q   I have not worked with an illustrator before, so I am unsure about the guarantee estimate.
A   If you are unsure, please contact us first by stating the upper limit of your desired budget.

[About illustration consideration, competition, and presentation]

Q   I am an individual, not a company, can I request production?
A    Yes. We also accept many requests from individuals (such as Vtubers) for commercial use. Feel free to"Inquiry" form
Please contact us from.

Also, for personal use, there is no retake.Commission service (Skeb)However, we do accept it, so we would appreciate it if you could consider it as well.

Q   I would like to consider commissioning illustrations for future work, so could you please send me your portfolio?
A    Yes. Brochure and PDF versions are available.

The pamphlet version"Inquiry" formPlease request from.

Q    Can I use it for competitions and presentations?
A    Of course. Thank you very much.

However, depending on when you contact us, you may be in contact with someone from a similar company, so please contact us in advance before the competition or presentation. If your schedule allows, you can also create new illustrations.



[About purchase, copyright transfer, and secondary use]

Q   Is it possible to request a transfer of copyright?
A   The copyright is retained by the illustrator.
As an exception, if there is a need to transfer copyright, such as cases involving copyrighted (IP) characters, we will sign a contract.
*For this matter, we will provide you with a work confirmation document at the time of your request, depending on the project, so please check it.

*Please understand that illustrations cannot be used for purposes other than the original purpose without the consent of the creator.

Q    What happens in case of secondary use?
 If you use the work for purposes other than the original story, it will be treated as secondary use.

For example, if an illustration is used in other media, such as a book illustration or a created illustration on a website or advertisement, a separate usage fee will be charged.

Please contact us in advance for any processing such as trimming.

If you contact us in advance, we may be able to waive the usage fee, but if you plan to use it for secondary purposes, please be sure to contact us and consult with us.

Please feel free to contact us here for requests for materials or production requests.

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