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01. Character

The vivid watercolor-like colors and eye-catching character illustrations are perfect for goods and novelties.

We provide illustrations that are both easy to use and original, such as life-size figures as well as mini characters.

​We also accept character designs and original drawings.

​ *FA notation is unofficial fan art.

01. -Character-

02. Thin lines

The delicate curves and watercolor-like coloring give it a luxurious touch.

02. -Thin line-

03. Thick line

​The strong and weak lines and simple coloring give it a modern touch.

03. -Bold line-

04. Food/Accessories

The smooth, handwritten food and accessory illustrations add style to the magazine just by combining them with the text.

​Perfect for explanatory illustrations of recipes, restaurant introduction articles, cafe menus, goods, etc.

​ *FA notation is unofficial fan art.

04. -Food & Items-

05.  Calligraphy

I will utilize my qualifications as a calligraphy associate instructor and calligraphy designer to create unique handwritten letters.

​Character data will be delivered in AI format.

05. -Calligraphy-



Author profile



Born in 1991, lives in Saitama Prefecture
I became independent in 2020 and have been working as a freelance illustrator and calligrapher ever since.

Illustrations and covers for women's magazines and children's books, product packaging, light novel illustrations,

Music jackets, illustrations for character goods, logo production using calligraphy, etc.

・Japan Design Planner Association certified calligraphy designer
・Calligraphy associate instructor

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