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[Production example] Virtual Youtuber “Sena Amairo” character design, etc.

Virtual Youtuber Sena Amairo belonging to Creative Lab Co., Ltd. I was in charge of character design, official illustrations, and Live2D model illustrations for posted videos.

Official illustration

Illustration for Live2D

Based on the concept of approaching the history of civilization and technology, which is there even if you can't see it, the motif is the midday star, which is also there even if you can't see it.

Ahead of the debut on YouTube, a teaser movie created by designer Hibiki Hayashi is published. Thank you very much.


Illustration/character design: moumoucat

Logo/distribution & video background design/announcement video: Hayashi Hibiki (twitter: kuro_comme013 )

Client: Creative Lab Co., Ltd.

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