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Tsukion Music School: Production of illustrations and logos for special teaching materials/Provis...

For the cover of educational materials exclusively for Tsukine Music School (@tsukine_school) in Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture We created a newly drawn illustration/logo and provided several existing works.

I created this book with the hope that I could help make your time with music even a little more enjoyable.

There are 4 teaching materials in total, all of which have newly drawn illustrations on the cover.

I was very honored to have this opportunity in Fukaya City, where I was born and raised, and as someone who previously worked as a high school teacher, I am very happy to be able to indirectly be involved in the educational materials that the children receive. I am.

Thank you very much.


CL: Tsukine Music School (instagram: @tsukine_school )

Responsibility: Cover illustration, logo, and provision of existing works (approximately 20 items)

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